Delta 46-700 wood lathe on metal stand. 2 tool rests 1 big-1 small chuck key and wrench included. The reeves pully no longer works, so it is set to one speed as of now. Could change pully size to change speed or get a speed dial if interested in changing speed. As of now it spins at a good overall turning speed. Have turned many bowlspensspindles on this lathe it runs like a top and has plenty ...
2011 Chinese Glass lathe90mm Bore4ft bedNew motorLocated in tennesseeWilling to work with logistics4500 RyanMore videos and pics contact me
This is the 590 Mossberg 12ga. Tactical Pump. It has the heat shield, lighter weight composit. Holds 8+1 12ga. Shells. I will take $325 for the gun( this is a really good price or I will trade it for a Bersa Thunder 380 or 9mm. That s about all I would be interested in trading for. One other trade I would be interested in is a very small metal lathe.
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